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TCS says generative AI like ChatGPT can be co-worker but can’t replace jobs

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) feels generative artificial intelligence platforms like ChatGPT will create an “AI co-worker” and not replace jobs. Milind Lakkad, the chief human resources officer (CHRO) of the (naked url) country’s largest IT services firm that employs over 6 lakh people said such tools will help improve productivity, but not change the business models for companies.

“ (generative AI) will be a co-worker. It will be a co-worker and that co-worker will take time for them to understand the context of the customer,” Lakkad said in an interview with PTI recently.

The context for a job to be executed will be industry and customer-centric, which will continue to come from the human who is being assisted in tasks by such a co-worker, Lakkad explained.

What is OTA Podium and How is it Improving IoT Security and Deployment

During the initial phase, the Internet of Things (IoT) was not that charismatic and modernized because, during that time when a remote device required firmware update, there were numerous technological disruptions, performance impact, and compute or reckon with downtime. Apart from this, a diminutive alteration required human involvement and in the majority of cases, on-site people are needed to monitor the problems and they had to ensure that the changes are not troubling the entire system. The device that requires software updates needs to be extracted and even knockdown if the situation review film demands it. Manual works are needed even if you are running scores of connected devices or unleash an update to a particular device group. Challenges arise when devices at several sites require updating or at extremely far-off areas. In these scenarios, organizations have two choices: their systems can be crafted for deploying over-the-air(OTA) updates or to purchase an already available cutting-edge OTA solution.

Now, as the world is now moving towards 5G, the growth of IoT has been escalating tremendously where billions of new-fangled devices will be connected. In the age of innovation and development of top-notch technology, OTA updates are mandatory as experts opine. Now, the point is why it has become so imperative? The technology which is there in OTA basically remains unchanged, but the augmenting volumes of connected devices uplift the requirement for a sophisticated IoT OTA podium and increase its use cases. Over the past twenty years, OTA solutions and platforms have played a pivotal role in the telecommunications sector. For instance, inside the mobile phone, SIM cards act as a mini-computer as it has all the important configuration files and credentials that helps the product to operate seamlessly both in terms of connectivity and security. Since the time of 2G, the solution is helping the sector.

Closing prices for crude oil, gold and other commodities

Benchmark U.S. crude oil for April delivery rose 47 cents to $78.16 a barrel Thursday. Brent crude for May delivery rose 44 cents to $84.75 a barrel.

Wholesale gasoline for April delivery rose 3 cents to $2.70 a gallon. April heating oil was unchanged at $2.87 a gallon. April natural gas fell 4 cents to $2.77 per 1,000 cubic feet.

Gold for April delivery fell $4.90 to $1,840.50 an ounce. Silver for May delivery fell 20 cents to $20.90 an ounce and May copper fell 8 cents to $4.08 a pound.

The dollar rose to 136.76 Japanese yen from 136.17 yen. The euro fell to $1.0590 from $1.0658.

Angry Ohio residents confront railroad over health fears

Residents who say they’re still suffering from illnesses nearly a month after a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in Ohio confronted the railroad’s operator Thursday at a town forum, demanding to know whether they’d be relocated from homes they’re afraid to live in.

“It’s not safe here,” said one man, staring straight at representatives of Norfolk Southern. “I’m begging you, by the grace of God, please get our people out of here.”

While the railroad announced it was ready to begin moving more contaminated soil from underneath the tracks, buying homes and moving people out of East Palestine hasn’t been discussed, said Darrell Wilson, the railroad’s assistant vice president of government relations.

“Why?” someone shouted.

Few seemed to come away satisfied with answers they heard about air and water testing from state and federal officials — even after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said it was ordering Norfolk Southern to begin testing for dioxins, toxic chemical compounds that can stay in the environment for long periods of time.

Close call, turbulent flight add to aviation safety concerns

Federal officials have begun investigating a close call between planes in Boston, and they provided new details Thursday about a harrowing incident at an airport in Texas.

The National Transportation Safety Board said it has not determined exactly how close a FedEx cargo plane passed over the top of a Southwest Airlines jet last month in Austin, Texas, but there was little margin.

“We still believe the planes were within 100 feet of each other,” NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy said in an interview.

An air traffic controller had cleared both planes to use the same runway, the NTSB said in a preliminary report. With visibility down to a quarter-mile because of freezing fog, the FedEx pilots didn’t see the Southwest jet until the last seconds.

The NTSB is also investigating an incident Monday night at Boston’s Logan International Airport in which a Learjet pilot who was told by an air traffic controller to wait instead began to take off as a JetBlue plane approached to land on an intersecting runway. The JetBlue pilots pulled up, avoiding a collision.